Hello, welcome to my blog.

I am Parthasarathi Misra, an English language teaching professional working at Azim Premji Unversity, Bangalore, India.

Prior to joining Azim Premji University, Bangalore  in 2011, I taught English Language and Literature at the postgraduate level at Cotton College, Gauhati University and worked as Director, English Language Teaching Institute, Assam, India for 16 yeras. I also worked as District Elementary Education Officer in the district of Sonitpur, Assam in the nineties to have a first hand administrative experience of the ground realities afflicting the elementary education sector of the country.

As a recipient of the Commonwealth Scholarship, I did my MA at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. I am a PGDTE from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad ( now EFL University) and obtained my   Ph.D in Linguistics  from the  the University of Calcutta for my thesis on the Generative Phonology of English .

My book  An Introduction to Stylistics: Theory and Practice was  published by Orient BlackSwan, NewDelhi, India. If you are interested in studying the use of language in literature, you may have a look at this book.

My blog http://indiaelt.com is about language in general and English language teaching in particular and I do hope that you swill enjoy reading the blog.

I would love to get your responses to my musings on language and language teaching.

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