Dr. Parthasarathi Misra who teaches Curricular Material Development in Language to the MA students of Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India. and imparts numerous short term Professional development courses in ELT across the country began his journey as a teacher educator  and a University professor in the pre-Google period of the last century.

Prior to joining Azim Premji University, Bangalore  in 2011, Dr Misra taught English Language and Literature at the postgraduate level at Cotton College, Gauhati University and worked as Director, English Language Teaching Institute, Assam, India. He also worked as District Elementary Education Officer in the district of Sonitpur, Assam to have a first hand administrative experience of the ground realities afflicting the elementary education sector of the country.

As a recipient of the Commonwealth Scholarship, Dr. Misra did his MA at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. He has a PGDTE from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad ( now EFL University) and was awarded a  Ph.D in Linguistics  by  the University of Calcutta, for his studies on the Generative Phonology of English .

His book  An Introduction to Stylistics: Theory and Practice was  published by Orient BlackSwan, NewDelhi, India.

Besides teaching and mentoring students and teachers across the country and helping State Governments in designing and preparing textbooks in English, Dr, Misra travels extensively in India, the USA and the United Kingdom braving the freezing cold of North America and enjoying the warm beaches of the Sunshine State of Florida

His blog http://indiaelt.com  is about language in general and English language teaching in particular.

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