Conferences and Seminars

Some of the international seminars and conferences attended by me:
1. International Seminar on Effective English Language Management in the SAARC Countries held at the Indo-American Center for International Studies, Hyderabad on 14th & 15th October 2004 and presented a paper entitled Task- based Syllabus: Teaching English in a non- native context.
2. Attended a British Council Seminar on ‘Globalisation, Citizenship and Language Education in a Multilingual World’ held at York, UK from 20-25 November 2005.
3. Was a plenary speaker at an international conference on ‘Issues and Challenges in ELT for the Asian Region’ held at Jakarta, Indonesia from 22-24 March 2005 and presented two research papers entitled ‘Deculturizing English in the Classroom’ and ‘English at the Primary Level in India: Correlation between Theory and Practice’.
4. Attended the 3rd British Council International Teacher Educators Conference at Hyderabad in 2013 and presented a paper on Multilingualism.
4. Attended the IATEFL,2013 Conference at Liverpool and presented a paper on “Academic Writing in English and the University Writing Centre’ ( the abstract of the paper is published in Liverpool Selection,2013).

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